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Five Weight Control Tips For Your Holidays

As we get a little older nearly everyone finds that keeping their weight under control becomes more and more difficult. If you don’t give yourself a daily plan to go by then weight control will be all the harder for you. This article will give you some basic tips and help you develop a plan of action to keep the pounds at bay.

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Some people find that a diary can be very helpful over the holidays. When you keep a diary the whole effort is much more manageable because you have a record of what is working and how well you are doing. This will help you look back and find what really did the job for you and if you have a problem the diary will help to find where the problem started.

You should always plan meals in advance when you are involved in a weight control program. If you leave your menu to chance or to the last minute cravings of your empty stomach you will never be able to get the benefits of the healthy foods you should be incorporating into your diet. You need to plan for the foods that will help you feel full and give you the benefits of great nutrition. This won’t be an easy matter if you simply eat what ever you think might taste good when you get hungry.

No matter how tight your schedule seems to be at holiday time you always need to include exercise in your daily routine. Your body needs the benefit of the increased circulation that exercise provides. This can be a time period that should reduce stress for you as you concentrate on giving your body a good workout. It really is important that you take the time to get in some exercise and it doesn’t have to be at the gym. For some people it will be the time that they turn off the TV and get out for a brisk walk around the community.

The holidays are always the time that people tend to get off track and a try a little of this candy and maybe just a little of that new desert. This is certainly the place where a meal plan will help to keep you focused. You will need to keep a close watch on the sweets and keep them to a minimum. Always try to substitute healthier foods for those that contain too much fat and too much sugar. Snack on the foods that don’t have to be processed and don’t contain additives. They will be more filling and less fattening.

Start out your holiday season with positive plans and make sure you are comfortable with them. You know your going to look better and feel better if you keep the eating under control. A little snack in the afternoon should be just that (a little snack!) An evening meal should be according to your plan that you developed at the beginning of the week. Be sure to focus on the benefits of your plan and don’t worry about what you may have to do without.

Staying in control of your weight over the holidays can seem an overwhelming task but it will be much easier if you make a plan in advance and stick to it. Use the advice from this article to help you stay focused on a leaner, healthier diet for this holiday season.

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Fat Burning Foods To Help You Lose Weight

When you are on a diet to lose weight, there are foods that can have a very significant effect on the success of your plan. These fat burning foods have been found helpful for people who are trying to lose weight and can be easily used in healthy diet recipes too.

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Protein sources such as chicken, fish and nuts will help to supply a lot of the nutrients that you need and they are much lower in fat than some of the other alternatives available to you. Try to change to less fatty protein sources and not only will you do your heart a favor but you’ll be able to drop a few pounds while you’re at it.

On your weight loss journey you will be eating more high fiber vegetables.  These include celery, lettuce and cabbage. The high fiber content will help to keep you feeling full and cut down on your desire to continue coming back for just a little bit more.  These high fiber veggies although high in nutrients are also low in calories which will help to speed up the weight loss you are working so hard for.

To add variety to your diet you will be able to include some of the spicier foods in your healthy diet recipes. Many of these spicy foods are metabolism boosters and as your metabolism increases so does you body’s ability to burn fat.  Burning Fat equals losing weight and so you need to learn all you can about boosting your metabolism.

Water is something that many of us take for granted.  Actually we need about 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.  Nearly 60% of your body is made up of water and water enables most of the activities that place there. It also helps to remove the waste from all those activities and allows digestion to take place.

When setting up a plan to lose weight it is important to consult with your family physician before you start.  Your doctor can give you advice about what you should include in your diet and if you may need to include supplements.  You should make sure that you will be getting all the nutrition you need while you cut down on your caloric intake.  Using some of the ideas in this article you will able to to have a much easier time losing weight and finding healthy recipes to help you on your journey.

Three Natural Cures For Dry Skin


Do you suffer from dry cracked skin on your elbows?  Do unsightly dry cracked hands make you feel uncomfortable when you are out in public?  Those dry elbows and dry hands don’t have to give you trouble anymore because there are three natural cures listed in this article that just might solve your problem.

I have had a problem with dry hands for many years.  It always started up when there was a big seasonal weather change and the skin on my hands would dry out and then crack around the nails.  It was painful and looked really bad.

The first thing I tried was fish oil tablets.  They were really big, they tasted awful and they made me have bad breath. The results were not good and I didn’t take them for very long.

Next I tried to use Aloe Vera to make my skin more moist. Although the Aloe was great for helping with sun burn it just didn’t give me the soft, moist skin I was looking for.


  1. The first success I had was using Tea Tree Oil.  Even though its an all natural solution, I found it had an unusual smell and had to be kept away from any sensitive part of your body.  It couldn’t be taken internally and had to be kept away from your face.
  2. Next I went to Extra Virgin Olive Oil and that has been very helpful.  When used in small quantities it is absorbed right into your skin and helps your body to repair any damage.  Olive oil is a completely edible plant derivative that is very good for you.  It has antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin k and several other helpful compounds.
  3. Lastly I went to coconut oil.  It can be taken internally or applied externally with excellent results.  Coconut oil will work right along with your body as it heals your skin and protects it from free radical damage.  It helps to soften and moisturize your skin and even has been shown to help clear up age spots.


I think it is about time for everyone to learn the benefits of using coconut oil for an effective healer and conditioner.  Mother Nature has provided some excellent resources for us and we have to learn what they are and how to use them.  Natural remedies can be very effective and sometimes very inexpensive.


Five Reasons You Need To Drink Lots Of Water

There are many reasons why you need to drink lots of water. Do you know how much of the body is actually water? Nearly 65% of your body is made of water.
Your general health and the condition of your body really depend on the water you consume every day. You can not overemphasize the importance of drinking water. In fact you can not survive much longer than about 5 days without drinking water.

There is so much activity that takes place in your body that as soon as you start getting too little water you will see and feel the results. Here are a few of the reasons that will explain the importance of drinking water:

1. Water regulates your body temperature. Through perspiration your body is able to keep your temperature at a comfortable level.

2. Water transports stuff through you body. It takes away the toxins and waste from the activities that are taking place inside your body all day long.

3. Water helps to move nutrients to the cells in your body thus helping to give you more energy.

4 Water will help with the chemical reactions taking place in your body. It will help to turn the nutrients into energy as it aids in the flow of digestive juices and helps the cells in doing their jobs.

5. Water can help to maintain the structure between cells and this will help with keeping you skin looking fresh and wrinkle free.

Always remember that drinking water is important. There are many more reasons that you need to drink water for your general health and you need to be aware of the amount of liquid you drink on a daily basis. You should remember that sodas and coffee are not good substitutes for clean fresh water and you probably need about six or seven glasses of water each day.

The Benefits Of Physical Activity

Staying fit isn’t just about improving outside appearances, but sustaining good health and preventing diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Staying fit physically helps a person live a better quality of life. One of the benefits of physical fitness is becoming more satisfied with your outward appearance. Not many people are looking to become professional athletes, so setting realistic goals and taking a realistic approach is going to be more appropriate.

For people who don’t workout very much the side effects from a good work out can usually be felt the next morning. You will feel soreness and be in a little pain from your muscles breaking down and building up again. Don’t be discouraged this is a good sign because it shows that you have pushed your muscles and will see results if you continue to progress through the workouts.

Even a simple workout like taking a walk in the morning before breakfast can be a great way to build up leg strength and get yourself prepared for more advanced workouts. Staying fit isn’t just a matter of looking good but feeling good about yourself. You will have confidence in your life and doors will open up for you if you are more willing to open up to others.

When working with free weights start small and prevent muscle injury, don’t try to be like Mr. Hulk at the workout facility who has probably been pounding away at weights since he was 16. Don’t expect to look like that person after a few workouts, know the limitations of your body and your body type.

When coming up with your workout plan look at activities you enjoy doing. If you’re a sports fanatic, ask some of your friends to get together for a flag football game or an energetic game of basketball. This will allow you to workout longer without even thinking about it. You will have fun with your friends and everybody will reap the benefits of physical activity.

If you put workouts in your plan that you don’t enjoy or just because you saw “macho man” doing them, there is the possibility that you will fail and not get the results you want. When workouts start to get easier you should increase the weight or the number of reps to continue to push your muscles and see improvements. There are convenient ways to workout at home and you don’t have to go to an expensive gym. Pick up a workout book or video and you’ll learn he benefits of physical activity and staying fit.

Five Ways To Save Money While You Stay Healthy

Here are five easy to use tips that will save you real money while you keep yourself healthy. As long as we are all going to live longer we need to know how to make our money go further and these are the kind of tips that will help you to make those dollars go farther.

1. Keep the price of prescriptions down by looking for generic drugs whenever possible. If there is
any question in your mind about a generic substitute be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist.
You may be surprised to find that generics are just as safe as brand names and the biggest
concern should be when you are using a very specific drug for a very specific problem.

2. Buy your supplements in the big box stores. The big box stores have access to the brand name
products that you find in the higher priced outlets. Usually you can find larger containers of the
products and they will cost you less for more.

3. When you have to spend a lot of time on your feet and they need plenty of support to get you
through the day, consider buying good quality inserts for your shoes. The inserts will only cost a
few dollars and you can save big when you look at good quality shoes that run from $50.00 to

4. Remember to compare prices when you are looking for new glasses or contact lenses. You can
use some great coupon specials from newspaper advertisements and the big centers such as
Sears and Walmart are helping to keep the costs down with the vision centers located
inside their stores.

5. Always take good care of your teeth and have regular check-ups. Steer away from highly
acidic foods which can damage the enamel. Use dental floss after eating and replace your
tooth brush every three months.

Using common sense and comparing prices can help to stretch your healthcare dollars a lot farther.
Here is a bonus for you: Try the URL for some excellent coupons that can
save you a bundle at the local grocery.

Do You Really Need To Have A Good Night’s Sleep?

Why Do You Need To Sleep At All?

Being productive at work and in life is a concept that most people believe in. One way of ensuring that you are alert and productive is making sure you get plenty of rest. How do yo get plenty of rest? Look at your routine and check your sleeping times and patterns. This will allow you to evaluate if you’re getting enough sleep or depriving yourself of this necessity. Gaining good sleeping strategies is the key to getting deep rewarding sleep and waking up with plenty of energy to start your day. Finding what works for you is important. Once you find your best sleep pattern, you will discover a personal mechanism that will be beneficial night in and night out.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Identifying what is preventing you from sleeping is important; try avoiding those habits all together. One of the first steps for you to take in this journey is to find how much sleep you actually need. Evaluate your daily schedule and see how many hours you work and if you get any breaks. Sleeping time varies between different people but the average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep to function properly. Looking at sleeping from a psychological point of view, it is necessary to create a foundation for natural sleep. Your circadian rhythm is a natural cycle in your body that determines when you sleep and naturally wake up at similar times.

How Do You Get Enough Sleep

Creating a sleeping schedule is important because you will benefit from getting the same amount of sleep each night. Set a regular bedtime and try to keep this time even on the weekend when you might normally stay up late. If you want to change your sleeping schedule, do it in 15-minute intervals (15 minutes earlier or later) to allow your body to adjust. Try and sleep when you feel naturally tired so you prevent tossing and turning.

One-way to notice if you’re getting enough sleep is when you wake up naturally without an alarm. If you need an alarm clock to wake up at your necessary time you should go to bed earlier. Adding naps to your daily routine is beneficial for people that miss a few hours of sleep at night. This allows you to get those necessary hours without disturbing your natural circadian rhythm. Getting plenty of sleep is important for your ability to live a productive life.

How To Keep Your Brain Healthy and Your Mind Working

Keeping your brain healthy and active is important to your overall health. As we get older, it’s important to continue to improve our mental health. Our brains need the right kind of nutrition and plenty of stimulation. As we develop from the infant stage our minds grow rapidly and it’s important for us to get the proper nutrition from the right fats and oils for brain development. These good fats consist of unprocessed, unrefined oils from nuts and oil bearing seeds.

Seeds make a huge impact because they have minerals, B vitamins and folic acid; they are a good source of iron and Zinc. Seeds also are a good healthy source of protein. Sesame seeds and Chia seeds are an excellent source of calcium, which is important during adolescence. All seeds have a good supply of vitamin E. Eat Almonds, Walnuts, pine nuts, chilgoza, hazel nuts and pistachios. These foods are beneficial to the brain and allow our brains to develop and stay healthy.

There are activities that you can do to keep your mind sharp. Reading books on a daily basis is a significant way to keep your mind active. Read classic literature or career-enhancing business books that give your brain a boost. Using programs like Rosetta stone to learn a language is a great way to keep your mind active. There are websites like Lumosity where there are games specifically designed to improve your mind in the area of memory, problem solving, reaction time, and other important mental processes that help your brain stay sharp and active. Games like chess and golf allow you to plan a strategy and use some of those mental plans to produce results. There is also a psychological boost because you see your planning go into effect, which improves self confidence.

Taking time out of your day to relax and enjoy a nice view at the park and just spend some time thinking is an important process for your mind. You will develop reasoning skills and find a balance in your life; this also allows you to be creative. How can I out perform my colleagues? Are there any ways I can improve my business? Allowing this time to be alone and look at your life from different perspectives is an important method of keeping your mind active.

A healthy and active mind will contribute to your overall well being and this will, of course, make your life seem to be richer, fuller and more meaningful.

Arsenic in Your Apple Juice?

Did you know your apple juice has arsenic in it? Did you know that if your kids drink apple juice on a regular basis they probably get more arsenic than is allowed in our drinking water? Yes it is true, recent lab tests have shown that most of the apple juice we purchase from local store shelves may have more arsenic than is allowed in our water.

How did this happen? Where did it come from? Why isn’t the government doing something about it?

Our juices can be made up of concentrate from as many as seven different countries. They are usually prepared by adding water from local sources and these sources are monitored by local officials. However the concentrates used are not subject to the same regulations as the water. In fact there are not any recommendations for arsenic levels in apple juice.

This arsenic is contaminating our juice because some countries still permit the use of arsenic in herbicides, insecticides, and in water used for irrigation. China is one country that allows the use of arsenic and we import huge quantities of apple concentrate from there. We also purchase large quantities from South America and most countries there also allow the use of arsenic. The concentrate is brought to either Canada or the US and mixed up for our consumption as reconstituted apple juice.

There really isn’t much that our government will be doing at this time because we don’t have any regulations that govern that kind of problem. In fact the government only inspects about two per cent of the processed foods that are imported to this county.

In a recent Dr Oz show, I watched a report that ranked some of the producers of apple juice. Samples were taken from retail outlets all over the US and sent to independent labs for analysis. Our acceptable level for arsenic in the drinking water is at 10 parts per billion. Here is the level of arsenic found in the apple juice produced by some of the bigger countries.

1. Minute Maid was actually number one with a range of 2 – 3 parts per billion

2. Apple and Eve was next on the list with a range of 3 – 11 parts per billion

3. Motts was number three on the list with a range of 4 – 16 parts per billion

4. juicey juice was at spot number 4 with a range of 2 – 22 PPB

5. Gerber was last on the list with a very wide range 3 – 36 PPB

As you can see the numbers show a wide range of contamination and some of the levels are way over the top of what is allowed in our drinking water. Do your kids drink more apple juice than water? Many households in the US have kids drinking a lot more juice than water. Just think of all the places that apple juice or concentrate can be used as sweeteners and your kids are ingesting a lot more than comes to mind at first thought.

What can we do about guarding our kid’s health? Read the labels closely and learn where the products originate from. It may be time to start looking more closely at the organic section in the market and buy AMERICAN! Write to you representatives in congress and ask that we get better regulations with tighter restrictions on the foods imported from other countries. If we don’t allow the use of arsenic in our water here then why should we allow foods to be imported from countries where arsenic can still be found in the water used in growing and processing foods?

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review

Tom Venuto wants to transform your body in seven weeks. That’s right in just 49 days he says he can make over your body and you’ll start looking your best and feeling your best 24/7. If you are ready to admit that there is no magic pill that can do this for you and you are ready to get back that buzz you used to feel every day when you were younger then you are ready for Burn The Fat

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While trying to find out how to lose weight he happened to find a report by William Sheldon that explained how each of us can be catagorized as having one of three body types. From this report he learned that we need to eat the right kind of food for our body type if we are going to loose weight and keep it off. The diet you use has the be the right diet for your body type. To learn how to identify your body type click here.

The diet plan you use has to be the right plan for you body type. There are literally 1000’s of fat loss books on the market but you need a plan that’s designed for you. Feed your body what it wants the way it wants and your fired up metabolism will melt the fat off like ice cream on a hot day.

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